Platinum Choice

30Kg (66lb) bag


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Farm: Fazenda Mandacaru
Altitude: 3,300ft (1000m)
Terroir: Red soil, rich in minerals
Location: Candeias, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Harvest: Selective, ripe cherries
Processing: Sun-dried natural, electronically sorted
Ideal for: lighter roasts

Wow, I want to share my admiration and gratitude for this phenomenal blend. Four years ago I started a pilot project to test the best (tastiest) Arabica beans at our farm. The PLATINUM choice is the combination of the most delicious single coffee varieties. You may be asking yourself why did I mix the beans into this blend? The answer is simple and two-fold: there was just not enough of those “nano” lots to offer to everyone who wanted to try, and the flavor profiles of those single varieties are complementary. I can attest nobody else in the world has this blend or the ability to put this blend together. Nobody! The varieties mixed are: Pau Brasil, Catiguá, Paraíso and Topázio. Would you like an advice? Order yours while supplies last.

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