Catucaí Yellow

30Kg (66lb) bag


Farm: Fazenda Mandacaru
Altitude: 3,300ft (1000m)
Terroir: Red soil, rich in minerals
Location: Candeias, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Harvest: Selective, ripe cherries
Processing: Sun-dried natural, electronically sorted
Ideal for: all roast profiles

The Catucaí Yellow is our most “forgiving” and adaptable coffee beans. It fits well in any blend and on most roast profiles. The Catucaí Yellow delivers delicate and smooth chocolatey and nutty flavors. Look no further if you are seeking an outstanding Brazilian coffee for any application requiring no acidity, no florals, low fruitiness, bold sweetness, clean body and a great value. Our Catucai plantation is home to eagles, toucans and various other beautiful birds. It is also the plantation that connected me – 10th generation – with the family’s coffee business; thus, there is also a sentimental value for these beans.

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