30Kg (66lb) bag


Farm: Fazenda Mandacaru
Altitude: 3,300ft (1000m)
Terroir: Red soil, rich in minerals
Location: Candeias, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Harvest: Selective, ripe cherries
Processing: Sun-dried natural, electronically sorted
Ideal for: all roasts

Acaiá is our smallest plantation and only offered every other year. Acaiá means “fruit with large seeds” and it is indeed true, its beans are the largest we produce at the farm. The quality of our Acaiá lots is remarkable. It has always been one of our fastest selling coffees when it is available. Pick our Acaiá if you are looking for a coffee which fits well on any roast profile. My suggestion is to roast it light or medium. Also consider our Acaiá for espresso blends, especially if blending with Eastern African or Central American coffees.

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