Why From the Farmer?

We love to answer what sets From the Farmer Coffee apart. First, the care with our land. Land degradation is a global problem, largely related to agricultural use. We are proudly on the opposite side of that trend. Fauna and Flora thrive at our farm. For three generations, we have been committed to conserve and to improve our land.

2012 was a cornerstone year for us. We learned the importance of pursuing and offering premium quality coffees. Today, we have 17 different coffee varietals at the farm and we produce over 40 micro lots every harvesting season. Each micro lot is traceable and attempts to capture the best combination of a non-GMO, Arabica coffee varietal with a unique terroir at our farm.

We take care of our team and they take care of us. Our associates are seen and treated like an extension of the family. Our mutual commitment is remarkable and represents the true fairness in farming. This caffeinated fairness empowers us to offer the best coffees to you, as everything we do at our farm is a labor of love.

Each picture in this page highlights a meaningful, beautiful piece of our farm and portion of our farming history. Check our social media channels for more amazing stories and breathtaking landscapes. Next, we share a summary of our unparalleled family history.

“Our family is originally from Azores (currently an autonomous region of Portugal). Our ancestors proudly settled in the region we have our farm, in Brazil, back in 1840. At that time, they earned a plot of land from the government in exchange for opening roads inland. We thank the historian José Gomide Borges for helping us fill the history gaps.

Today, we represent the 9th and 10th generation in a family of farmers. Our first coffee plantation dates back to 1875. Sadly, my great grandfather passed before I was born, but friends and family always spoke highly of him. He was a well know coffee farmer in the region. Albeit being a medical doctor, my grandfather devoted a good part of his life and means to improving our farm land. My parents have also dedicated their entire lives to farming and taught my sister and I the importance of being honest, fair and hard working.

Nowadays, the entire family works as one. Farming isn’t easy, but we are strong together and we have thrived on the difficulties. Currently, we are certified by the Brazilian government under the Certifica Minas program. Our associates are considered an extension of our family and we work with each other and for each other.

We are also committed to you, our beloved customer and supporter. Year after year, we strive to produce the best coffees and offer unique, valuable micro lots of specialty coffee for the right price. It is undoubtedly an honor and very rewarding to become your coffee farmer,” shared by William Murad.

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Committed to quality.
Dedicated to sustainability.