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From The Farmer

A Labor Of Love

From The Farmer

A Labor of Love


The fairest way to buy coffee: directly from the farmer. The true farm-to-cup experience.


The upmost care for the environment and for the people working with your coffee.

Premium Quality

Our best micro lots, rightly processed, carefully screened and properly stored.

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Green Coffee Beans, priced right!

The highest quality coffees, processed with the best technologies. A genuine commitment to water conservation, sustainability and fair labor practices. We fully verticalized our operations, removing the middle men and delivering our best lots directly to you, priced right. From The Farmer Coffee is capable of fulfilling orders as small a 30kg bag (~66lbs) or as large as a full container. Let us become your Brazilian specialty coffee farmer in the USA.

Your Farmer, Your Roaster...

Have you ever dreamed of starting your own coffee brand? Now you can! All you need are customers and a minimum order of at least 100 bags of roasted and/or ground coffee. Let the rest in our capable hands, from green beans selection to fulfillment of roasted and/or ground coffee with your own branding (white-label products).

Contact us to learn more about our offer whether you are a coffee shop or a restaurant owner, a store manager, an online influencer, a successful affiliate, an office manager, a home roaster who roasts for family and friends, or someone who would like to have her/his own coffee brand.

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The FTF Farm

Farm Name: Fazenda Mandacaru
Farm Location: Candeias, Minas Gerais, Brazil
Elevation: 3,300 - 3,500ft
Soil: Red mineral soils, iron-rich
Coffee choices: 100% Arabica, 17 varieties
Coffee processing: Sun-dried naturals, selectively harvested, electronically sorted
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